Klumpy is a fun single-player game where players try to maximize their points by strategically placing their cards in a 4x4 grid. Each turn a player will have the option of three cards to place on any open square of the board.

Calculating Points

  1. Having “clumps” of cards of the same color. Each clump is worth its area squared in points (i.e one large clump is more valuable than two smaller ones)
  2. Having a large chain of consecutive numbers. The numbers must be connected orthogonally (i.e diagonals don't count). Points will be awarded based on the length of this chain and the lowest number within in. (Note: While a chain that goes 1-2 may be worth more points than one that goes 4-5-6, your longest chain will be the only one scored. In case of a tie of length, the more valuable chain is score).
  3. Having strict-increasing rows of numbers. At the end of the game, the number of strictly-increasing rows will be counted and scored according to the following: 1 row-10 points, 2-rows-25 points, 3 rows-45 points, 4-rows 70 points.
  4. Having large numbers. The sum of every card will be totaled and divided by two (rounded up). This will then be added to your total score.
  5. Having a variety of colors. Players get the number of unique colors squared in points.

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Playing Daily Game

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